Welcome to Cotton Homebakes!


Kindly read this section before you placed order with Cotton Homebakes.


1. How to place an order?

Whatsapp Kellynn at 81894924 or order through our website for our standard cakes (non-customized).

2. How many days in advance to place an order?

For our standard design cakes (non-customized), we recommend placing your order 3 days in advance.

For customized cake, an advance notice of 3 days to 3 weeks is preferred, depending on the complexity of the design. We recommend at least 2 weeks advance notice for cakes that require 3D decoration.

For urgent orders within a day are subject to available flavours. Please call 81894924 to check. We do not provide off-the-shelf cakes as all our cakes are freshly prepared and pre-ordered.

3. How do I know if my order is confirmed?

If you have ordered from our website, you will receive an order confirmation in your email once payment is made.

If you have ordered via Whatsapp, you will receive a message confirming the booking of your order. No deposit is required. Payment can be made via Paylah or PayNow 3 days before the cake is delivered or collected. Cancellation can be made 1 week before the day of delivery or collection. In the case of cancellation of a customized cake order, customers will need to pay for those decorative items needed for the cake itself that had already purchased or made. Eg, toys, handmade figurine or other cake toppers.


4. Is your cake shop Halal-certified?

No. Cotton Homebakes is not halal certified. If you are ordering for childcare celebration, kindly check with the school if the cake needs to be halal certified.

5. Are your 3D cakes fondant?

No. Cotton Homebakes specializes in dairy fresh cream. No fondant is used on decoration. Decoration can be toys, customized air clay figurine, artificial flowers or chocolate. No fresh flowers used.

6. How to store my cakes once delivered or upon self-collection?

Diary Fresh Cream Cakes

As Cotton Homebakes specializes in dairy fresh cream cakes, they are heat sensitive and cakes must to be refrigerated. If you have an event and need the cake to be displayed for photo taking, you may place it in an air-conditioned room for a maximum of 15 to 20minutes.Please make sure the venue has a fridge and space to store the cake. If the venue does not have a fridge, you may cut the cake once it arrives as the cake will still be chill during delivery.

For self-collection, ice packs will be provided for a 30 minutes journey. If your journey takes an hour or more, we recommend bringing along a cooler bag. You can purchase a cooler bag from us if you don’t have one. With ice packs and cooler bag, the cake can be chilled for at least an hour without refrigeration.

Buttercream Cakes

Cotton Homebakes only use buttercream frosting on cupcakes or cakes that need to be displayed for events and photo taking. Cakes can last in air con room for at least 2 hours hence do not need to be refrigerated.

All cakes (especially our Dairy Fresh Creams Cakes) are exceptionally soft and should be handled with care.  

7. How long can I keep my cakes if there are leftovers?

For leftovers, store them in airtight containers in the fridge for up to 3 days. Cakes with fruit filling like mango or banana will oxidize and should be consumed within the day. We recommend consuming all our cakes best within the day.

8. May I know what size is available for your cakes?

We measure our cakes in diameter and not weight as different fruit filling can vary the weight. Normal cake height is about 3 inches tall. Most of our cakes are round in shape. You may refer to this serving guide below. For party slices we recommend serving our cakes in small 1 by 2 inches rectangle slices.

Size 6 –    6 inch diameter for 8 to 14 pax

Size 7-     7 inch diameter for 10 to 20 pax

Size 8-     8 inch diameter for 14 to 26 pax

Size 9-     9 inch diameter for 16 to 30 pax

Size 10- 10 inch diameter for 20 to 38 pax

Size 11- 11 inch diameter for 25 to 47 pax

Size 12- 12 inch diameter for 30 to 56 pax

Size 14- 14 inch diameter for 40 to 76 pax

For customize cake, tall cakes with height of 4.5 inches and 6 inces cakes are available. Please call 81894924 to check.

9. Where do I self-collect or do you have delivery service?

Yes. You may self -collect from 183 Jalan Pelikat #01-34 S537643 within the agreed 1-hour time range. Please do not come early. If you need to change the time of collection, please call 81894924 to check beforehand. Once a cake is passed over to the customers in good condition, we will not be liable for any mishandling.

Delivery service is by a 3rd party provider. We recommend all customers to check if the cake is in good condition before the delivery man leaves. Cotton Homebakes will not be liable for any damage done during delivery. Pictures will be taken as proof that the cake is in good condition before going out for delivery. If you did not receive your cake in good condition, kindly give us a call to rectify the issue on the spot when you receive the cake. We will try out best to provide a solution.

10. What are your delivery rates?

There are 2 delivery options.

Option 1 is a flexible timing delivery from 1 to 6pm at $10

Option 2 is a specific timing delivery within a one-hour time range at $20.

An additional delivery charge of $10 will apply to 2 tier cakes. Surcharge of $5 will apply to delivery to the following area: CBD, Sentosa, Tuas and Jurong Island. Delivery cost will be increased during the festive period, Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Please ensure someone is around to receive the cake. Additional delivery cost apply to wrong address given.

Delivery rates will be subjected to change based on 3rd party provider so please check on the rates before you place an order.