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Hi! Welcome to Cotton Homebakes. My name is Kellynn, the founder of this bakery that started from my home kitchen. Although, I’ve since moved to a shop, I like to keep “Homebakes” in the name as a way to remember my roots of how I’ve begun.

My baking journey started when I became a mum and I’ve never looked back. Wanting to give my kids healthier dessert choices, my bakes prioritize on chemical and colouring free with less sugar whenever possible.

My standard cake designs mostly use all-natural ingredients. For customization, only control food colouring is used on the exterior of the cake. Inspired by Japanese and Korean influences, my birthday cakes bakes use artisanal made genoise sponge with no baking powder. I specialize in using dairy fresh cream to decorate my cakes to give it a lighter taste.

Birthdays are special moments to look back on, and I’m so glad that I’m able to be part of your special day through my cakes. I’ve met many wonderful customers on this journey and have even become friends! If you have not tried my cakes, I hope to bake for your family and loved ones too if there is an opportunity. See you soon! All is well. <3