You can name Web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge as an example. The open-source text editor, Notepad++ received a major update. Version 8.0 was released with new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Most notably, the App gets Dark mode, fluent icons on the toolbar, and offers an ARM64 build that works on Microsoft Surface devices. Notepad++ has numerous themes which you can select in a dropdown box in the Style Configurator window.

  • Since it has a brown background, your eyes will be away from eye strains.
  • Notepad is one of the most common programs on a computer.
  • Or what if your Notepad document gets lost due to accidental deletion?
  • My eyes are sensitive to those white backgrounds that smartphones and monitors have, so i always try to change it to dark mode.

This has only happened twice in the last 18 months and I have not been able to find a way to fix the file other than to delete the order and enter it manually. In other terms, the Direction helps you choose a portion of the text so that you get the results quickly. There are two more options – Match case and Wrap around. PCRepair is a powerful easy-to-use cleanup & repair tool for your PC. It will pinpoint error causes and improve PC stability.

How to compare XML in Notepad++?

It is open source software and is small in size. It also has a feature of diff bookmarks for quick navigation. Many users will come into contact with text files in Windows on a daily basis. Whether it’s reading a Readme file, viewing system or application logs, editing configuration files or writing your own files.

From the context-menu that appears, select Apply color to tab and then choose one of the colors. There are five colors available – yellow, green, blue, orange and purple. And choose the folder that your html and js files are located in. On the left sidebar, you should find the folder name at the top, with a list of the files contained in the folder directly below.

This setting immediately enables the dark theme for Notepad. And, there is a theme mode available under its settings. So, you can choose between light and dark themes. You can launch the Notepads App from the command prompt and even from Windows PowerShell.

Color Radial Gradient

Newer versions of Excel feature a Ribbon, and the Find & Select option is on the Home tab, on the far right side. With the more advanced options, you can perform additional searches that use wildcards, match the case, and the other options shown in the above picture. In the find pane on the left side of the window, search the document for text.

Select a drive from the list to restore the recovered notepad file (you can’t select the drive which contains this file before it gets lost in order to prevent data overwriting). If the lost/deleted notepad file is not found yet, please wait until the scan finishes in order to get the best recovery result. Notepad is a simple text-editing tool that you can use to write down information or edit text.

If a colleague sent you a password-protected file with the password that you’re authorized to access, you can unlock it with the steps above. This will be much more convenient way to handle the PDF content as you won’t have to enter the password every time just to access it. I’ve done this before successfully with Norton Disk Editor. You will probably find parts of the file, and possibly junk as well, but as it is only text, it should be editable back into something resembling the original.